College Eight Courses

Testing a model solar concentrator in the Green Entrepreneurship tutorial

College Eight offers a number of other courses, in addition to the three quarter core course (not all courses are offered every year).  These include:

CLEI 10. Academic Success. An interactive course providing students with the opportunity to assess and revise methods of and purposes in studying. Critical, effective approaches to reading, writing, participating in lectures and sections, taking exams, balancing competing responsibilities, and utilizing campus resources are all explored.

CLEI 20C. The Water Environment: Literature of the Sea.  Students consider the representation of the sea in selected texts, noting how it becomes the focal point for the fears, hopes, and prejudices of Western civilization. Students write critical papers and their own narratives. Enrollment restricted to first-year and sophmore college members.

CLEI 20D. College Students' Lives. Students understand their peers and themselves better through an exploration of issues that affect the daily life of college students. Topics include campus/student cultures, the academic system, and other critical issues. Overview of campus resources also provided. Enrollment restricted to first-year and sophomore College Eight members.

CLEI 20F. Justice on Earth. Examines issues of oppression, privilege, and social justice within a global and environmental context through self-reflective and group work. May include an optional service-learning component requiring travel during spring break.

CLEI 20G. Peregrine Falcons Return (Winter). Training laboratory for students who wish to pursue a hands-on, two-credit service project (laboratory or field) that is focused on peregrine falcon conservation.

CLEI 28. Peer Leadership in Higher Education. Overview of theories of student development, critical student issues, and skills needed for appropriate peer leadership interventions. Utilizes a variety of learning modes including readings, discussions, case studies, lectures, and group projects.

CLEI 56. Media Internships for Sustainability (Fall/Winter/Spring) Students develop and work on media projects related to the college theme of "Environment and Society" in film, on television, in print, and on the Internet. Students work in groups with specific instructors and project leaders. 

CLEI 82. Environment and Society in Film (Spring) Students write about and discuss a variety of films and articles about environment and society. Topics may include water, food systems, wilderness, wildlife, pollution, global warming, nuclear energy, conservation, and environmental activism. Enrollment limited to 25. N. Schaefer

CLEI 90. College Eight Garden Internship (Fall-Winter-Spring). One-credit internship in the College Eight Garden. Offers students of College Eight an opportunity to become involved in an experimental learning project focusing on application of concepts of sustainable agriculture.

CLEI 128. Advanced Peer Leadership Practicum  (Spring) Advanced practicum for the application of skills and theoretical knowledge studied in course 28. Uses many learning modes including readings, discussions, case studies, lectures, and group projects. Prerequisite(s): course 28. Enrollment by permission of instructor. Enrollment limited to 25. May be repeated for credit. The Staff

NEW for 2013: CLEI 150A.  Sustainability Praxis in the Built Environment (Fall). Introduction to the concepts, methods and practices of research on sustainable energy, water and food production and consumption; resources surveying and assessment; building energy auditing; renewable energy systems; water supply, demand and distribution; intensive agroecology conducted at campus sites.

NEW for 2014: CLEI 150B. Tools of the Trade (Winter).  Basic STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) concepts, statistical tools and analytical methods for engaging in advanced sustainability studies, drawn from physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, engineering, electronics, sociology, economics and public policy. 

NEW for 2014: CLEI 150C. Green Enterprise & Social Entrepreneurship (Spring).  Concepts and principles of developing green enterprises and seeking support for them. How to conceptualize and design projects in applied areas of sustainability studies, to devise a business plan, solicit participation from mentors and prepare funding proposals.

NEW for 2013-14: CLEI 155. College Eight Sustainability Internship  (Fall/Winter/Spring) For students undertaking sustainability-oriented service-learning work in the college (college-related projects, community service organizations, or public agencies). Students are supervised by the college provost and project supervisor, and determine the content of their internship with the provost and supervisor. Enrollment restricted to frosh, sophomore, junior, and senior members of College Eight. CLEI 160 (Winter)  Developing Leadership to Facilitate Environmental Education, which prepares students to facilitate an action research team for "Sustainable Living" (courses 61/161) during spring quarter.

CLEI 160. Developing Leadership to Facilitate Environmental Education (Winter).  Prepares students to facilitate an action research team for "Sustainable Living" (courses 61/161) during spring quarter. Workshops and training selected to build the skills and preparation to become successful facilitators. Topics include: facilitation skills; syllabus planning and curriculum building; experiential learning techniques; leadership skills; and non-violent communication training. Enrollment by interview only. Enrollment restricted to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

CLEI 61/161. Education for Sustainable Living Program (Spring).  A 2 or 5 unit course in a range of topics, developed and offered through the Education for Sustainable Living Project.

Additional courses: The College will be offering a minor in Sustainability Studies, beginning Fall 2014.  It is also possible to undertake internships, independent studies and thesis tutorials through College Eight.  Please see the Provost for details.

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